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B R E Z – Illenium

Fresh-off his fourth Grammy nominated album ‘Fallen Embers’, Illenium released his fifth, self-titled LP on Warner Records alongside the announcement of a 2023 world tour.


Brez was commissioned by Illenium and his team to create visuals for the single release ‘From the Ashes’ (with Skylar Grey) and for live projection as part of the 2023 world tour.


Design influences for characters and environments were taken from fantasy, anime and mythology and mixed with already established Illenium motifs.


The visuals had to fit into a wider narrative being told by Illenium’s creative team — with multiple visual artists and designers contributing artwork, animation and short films to the overall album promo.



Artist – Illenium
Label – Warner Records
Visual Director – Sandy Meidinger
Live Edit – Brycycle
CG / Motion – Brez