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B R E Z – Universal Robots - UR20
Universal Robots – UR20
Universal Robots – UR20

Universal Robots is a leader in the collaborative robotics (cobots) space – building robotics that work alongside humans to increase productivity and performance in a variety of industries.


Brez worked with brand agency Good to create rendered product visualisations and produce a launch film for the release of the UR20 – the next generation cobot from Universal Robots.


The advancements of the UR20 model include its increased capacity, speed and performance, superior motion control and strategically built software and hardware. It’s a lightweight, high-performance cobot with a small footprint.


The product film was screened as part of the UR20 launch event and product showcase held at the Automatica exhibition in Munich, with renders being utilised as part of Good’s wider brand work across social, digital and print.

Launch Film


Brand – Universal Robots
Agency – Good
3D / Motion – Brez