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B R E Z – ASICS Actibreeze™
ASICS Actibreeze™
ASICS Actibreeze™

The ASICS Actibreeze™ is an innovative 3D printed sandal with a unique lattice design that helps with recovery, comfort and relaxation after running or working out.


Brez worked with director Sean Pruen and the team at UNIT9 to create rendered visuals for an exclusive launch event, held before the Athletic World Championships in Orgeon, USA.


The rendered product visualisations played across a super-wide curved screen and were paired with dramatic lighting, custom designed by UNIT9 to mimic the 3D printed lattice structure of the sandal.


The concept was to create a powerful, striking atmosphere during the reveal, having the lighting effects spill-out from the screen and into the space to immerse the audience.

Event Film


Brand – ASICS
Agency – Edelman
Studio – UNIT9
Director – Sean Pruen
Technical Director – Mark Logue
3D / Motion – Brez