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B R E Z – Formula E - GEN3 Unboxed
Formula E – GEN3 Unboxed
Formula E – GEN3 Unboxed

The ABB FIA Formula E World Championship wanted to showcase the Gen3: the fastest, lightest, most powerful, and most efficient electric race car ever built.


UNIT9 created an exclusive fan experience for London E-Prix 2022 attendees — a monolithic installation with the Gen3 car at its centre.


Alongside the visual elements, a thundering spatial audio experience was created using 60 speakers and 16 subwoofers, putting the attendees at the centre of the racetrack.


Brez worked with director Sean Pruen and the team at UNIT9 on the animated visuals for the internal space, creating bespoke motion pieces for the 11 teams racing in Season 8 and introducing the new teams debuting in Season 9.




Client – Formula E
Studio – UNIT9
Director – Sean Pruen
Producers – Holly Restieaux
Technical Director – Mark Logue
Audio – Simon Little
Motion – Dizzy Zebra
Motion – Brez