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B R E Z – Aston Martin F1 AMR22
Aston Martin F1 AMR22
Aston Martin F1 AMR22

Brez worked with director Sean Pruen and the team at UNIT9 to create an immersive holographic light show for the reveal of the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant F1 2022 car reveal — the AMR22.


The reveal show was broadcast live from the Aston Martin Lagonda HQ on Sky Sports to F1 fans around the world and utilised a variety of unique technologies — including laser traced animations, gauze back-projections and an array of HyperVSN holographic displays.


The animated projections joined custom built lighting design and an immersive bespoke soundscape created specially for the event.

Live Event


Client – Aston Martin F1

Agency – Cake

Studio – UNIT9

Creative Director – Sean Pruen

Lighting – Matthew Button

Sound – Simon Little

Technical Director – Mark Logue

Motion – Brez