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B R E Z – RISOTTO Studio - Product Vis
RISOTTO Studio – Product Vis
RISOTTO Studio – Product Vis

RISOTTO is one of the UK’s leading risograph print specialists established by Glasgow based designer and friend Gabriella Marcella DiTano.


Having collaborated with Gabriella for many years, Brez worked with RISOTTO once more to develop virtual product visualisations to help showcase the extensive range of prints, apparel and stationery on their refreshed website and online store.


Paper and apparel products were modelled and animated in 3D and built-out as changeable templates – enabling RISOTTO to replace high-resolution scanned textures of riso printed artwork on the fly and render animations to showcase multiple product variations and designs.


RISOTTO runs a monthly RISO CLUB subcription service, where you can receive a monthly mail-out of riso prints, curated by artists and designers from all over the globe.


Make sure to check out all the riso print goodness at


Client – RISOTTO Studio
3D / Motion – Brez