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B R E Z – Nike Air Max Day 23 — Pulse of London
Nike Air Max Day 23 — Pulse of London
Nike Air Max Day 23 — Pulse of London

For Air Max Day 2023, Nike released the Air Max Pulse — a shoe inspired by the sound of a new generation.


Creative agency Amplify set out to create a larger than life art installation and synchronised live event that would celebrate the underground music scene and launch of the 2023 Air Max Pulse.


Working in tandem with visual artist Daito Manabe and Creative Director Ed Hallam, Brez supported the live projection show build with a suite of interstitial graphics, overlays and highlights.


These graphics were spliced amongst AI generated, real-time responsive visuals, created and programmed by Daito and his team – synced across the live installation and live music performance venue.

Promo Film


Brand – Nike

Agency– Amplify

Creative Director – Ed Hallam

Producers (Amplify) – Madi Bain, Izzy Kertland, Rosie Dalton

Technical – Mark Logue

Technical / Experience Design – Bluman Associates, Lewis Kyle White

Visuals / Motion – Daito Manabe

Motion – Brez