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B R E Z – Ella Eyre — Dreams
Ella Eyre — Dreams
Ella Eyre — Dreams

Director Sophia Ray set out to create an augmented reality, Instagram ‘story-filter’ inspired look for artist Ella Eyre x Yxng Bane’s collab single ‘Dreams’.


Brez worked closely with director Sophia Ray and the team at Partizan to help bring their concept to life through VFX.


Due to the 2020 pandemic lockdown, the music video had to be shot completely remotely by Ella and Yxng Bane over Zoom, which posed several challenges for the production and director.


A variety of techniques were used in both the shooting approach and post production to make things as manageable as possible for Ella and Yxng Bane on the day — including background replacements where necessary and primarily utilising markerless facial tracking to add the cg beauty and augmentations to Ella in post.



Artist — Ella Eyre x Yxng Bane

Prod Studio — Partizan

Director — Sophia Ray

Exec Producer – Mayling Wong

Producer – Charlie Scannell

Styling – Daisy Deane

DOP – David Spearing

Colourist – Jonny Thorpe (Glassworks)

Editor – Charlie Havord

VFX/CG — Brez