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B R E Z – Aston Martin F1 – AMR23
Aston Martin F1 – AMR23
Aston Martin F1 – AMR23

Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™ are the first F1 team in 20 years to build a dedicated factory to develop, engineer and build their race car.


The 2023 car launch took place at the team’s new factory in Silverstone, giving invited guests a glimpse of the new facility and 2023 car in-person and to fans all over the world via a live streamed event on Sky Sports.


Brez worked with director Sean Pruen and the team at UNIT9 to create animated visuals for the reveal of the AMR23.


Visuals were displayed on large LED wall and floor panels inside the factory space and paired with a bespoke sonic narrative designed to celebrate each and every member of the AMF1 team who make the production of the car possible.



Agency – Cake
Production Studio – UNIT9
Creative Director – Sean Pruen
Producers – Adi Wiedersheim, Paulina Pawlak
Technical Director –Mark Logue
Lighting – Matthew Button
Sound – Simon Little
Motion – Brez